hymn to mourning dawn, st. ambrose


the magnificence of the Father’s glory

from the light, light proceedeth

light of lights and fountain of light

day of days illuminates

and the true son, flowing down

sparkling splendor everlasting

dawn of the Holy Ghost

pouring out into our senses

let us lift our prayer to the Father

Father of eternal glory

Father of overflowing favor

banish sinuous temptations.

author hard work,

blunt the tooth of the treacherous

let calamity care for the cruel,

make him bear thanksgiving.

let reason triumph and rule

the virtuous, the faithful heart

delusion of passion surges

let us remain unfamiliar with poisoning delusion

and let Christ be our fare,

let the faithful drink Him

deeply drink yet remain sober

intoxicated with the Spirit

may we remember this happy day

let our modesty be as the dawn

faith, as the noon

which is ignorant of twilight’s mind

dawn swiftly sails

let Your dawn advance

through the Father with the Son

and with the whole being of the Father.


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