Untitled VII

(Sunrise over Montana Bitteroot Pastures)

sunrise-over-bitterroot-mountains-montana-toddtaylorsoft butter cup



gently, gently


my soul

let all your senses

come to life

as you breathe in

Holy Ghost


my gracious silence

Greta vonderLuft

 1:39 PM


I christened thee referencing Coriolanus and Harriet Vane. Also, I doubt anyone will read you save myself. You are a rabbit hole. A rant. A record.

I am want to live awake. To face fear. Conquer. Fail.

Thursday. Two and a half days of the second week of March left.


  1. Write 500 words a day. That is 1500 smackeroos by Shabbat.
  2. Don’t break your running streak. (Since Tuesday.) If feasible run Hockinson Hill two more times.
  3. Complete Monday’s homework (Latin study: Ambrose +COA, finish Chapter 9 in Geometry and journal, Chemistry Chp. 4 study guide and test) to leave Shabbat free.
  4. Order a new journal of bullets.
  5. Barter outside work with Mum for Get Bendy + Get Split guides.
  6. Finish How to Read a Book.
  7. Turn in Flint report.

Mission Accomplished and Abandoned: March 19, 2016

  1. I’ve been writing a lot. Including my first raps. #likeagirl
  2. I’ve run so much this week. =)
  3. Yes! Everything except Chemistry which I put on hold to study for my Latin final.
  4. Yes. Judith Eliza Hunt, my beautiful tomato red Leuchtturm 1917.
  5. Contacted Elle and she is going to work out a sweet dealio for me! #pushingcomfortzonebringshappiness
  6. Didn’t pick it up all week. Did grab an awesome library haul. #booksbeforebros
  7. Didn’t finish Flint, but organized my English papers and talked to Mum about taking freelance classes with Mrs. Marsch. #yay


Now, I must go and translate a spot of Augustine.


But maybe with another coffee it will be more tolerable.